I’m just a piece of…

machine. with feelings. Everything felt repetitive and frustrating. I need my drives back. Mojo mojo where are you?

Accidental treasure

Nope, I did not find any valuable treasure but somehow found something that I was very proud of posted on my university’s website. So, it’s kinda like a hidden treasure for me. Few years ago, I was commissioned to create the launching mechanism for Sunway University College’s 20th Anniversary. Didn’t really expect the school to … Continue reading

Deathcrew77 live at Crossover Festival

Been playing this video over and over again in office. Absolutely loving the part where Bob Rifo play his guitar along Toxic Avenger’s Escape. Hope you’ll like it 🙂

Midnight Oil

I’m always not satisfied with my work. Always. More than often nowadays, I would have spent more time on refining my works and ends up sacrificing my sleep. This has got to stop. Anyway, above is my new desktop wallpaper. Guess who? 🙂    

What else left for me?

3 more weeks to go and I’m off to a new working place.. 1 and a half year in Singapore and in SSG, I felt less interest as days past by slowly. Can the clock double or even triple up it’s speed?